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Windows 7 notes

I believe that the Windows 7 beta is being taken down Saturday, so please make sure to download it and try it out!

It should run fine on low-end PCs like netbooks.  I've heard of some people running it successfully with 512MB ram, though that's lower than the official beta requirements, and I've not personally run it on machines with less than 1G.
I guess I should caveat my 'strictly better' speech by noting that the beta comes with an older build of IE8, which could use some polish and speed.

Also, we've discovered an early adopter of the ribbon.  TurboIRC!


TurboIRC joins Paint, Live Moviemaker, and Wordpad as ribbon applications.
Very exciting to see things popping up so soon!

User in control of windows features


I was reading this Windows 7 Engineering blog post.

Steve points out that there is a perception that all this configurability matters, when in reality in 90% of cases it doesn't.

I'm left thinking "to what extent is it a good idea to give users control of the installed features in cases where it doesn't really matter?"

Is giving them the perception that they are in control of performance a worthwhile thing? Or is it just wasting time? Or is it even dishonest?

Of course, some people just like an uncluttered start menu. The other thing is that some people consider bundling WMP and IE into the OS as evil, and want to remove them on principle. I think that would be nice, but some as Steve points out, many programs assume that they exist and make use of them. Historically one wishes that they had been at least uninstallable, but it may no longer be a real option.