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Technology slammed together rapidly enough produces energy

Last thursday I was at a planning meeting at which a bunch of technology from different companies came through in a pinch.
We were meeting in a conference room, but were also meeting with two remote people, one from the eastern U.S. and one from out of the country.  We hadn't done much pre-arrangement, but needed to get the meeting going in a hurry.

First of all, I found out I could AIM them through Office Communicator.  I just typed in UserName@aol.com, and bam!  They asked "is this a new username?"  I never figured out what my screenname actually is when I use Communicator.
Okay, so over IM, we agreed to try Skype.  So I downloaded it... I was a bit worried about whether it would work on Windows 7 Beta build 7000, but it worked fine.
Another participant had brought a webcam, so I plugged it in via USB, and immediately Windows recognized the camera, and Skype figured out how to use its mic and video feed.  Finally, I plugged in the conference room's AV system into the audio out slot, I called both of the remote participants, and voila!

The only hitch was that Skype seems not to support video mode with a more-than-two-way connection.  Perhaps they do that out of consideration for bandwidth.
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