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Puzzlehunt 12 was a weird mash-up of a Jeopardy-themed hunt and a Halloween/hell-based hunt.  What that meant was that it was the longest hunt ever, with a whopping 66 puzzles!

Team Liboncatipu rocked this hunt.  We came in second, finally breaking into the echelon of powerhouse teams.  There were a lot of great "ah ha" moments, and the whole team had a blast.

My favorite puzzle may have been Trouble Jeopardy.  In this puzzle, you have crossword-style clues where the letters have been transformed in some way.  You figure out that transformation to determine what the clue is, get the answer to the clue, and then transform the answer using the same method that transformed the clue.  Here's an easy example:

The transformation is apparently to take the last letter of each word and make it a th.  So it becomes
Organized Crime, with "the"
Which is "Mob".  Transforming Mob gets you "Moth."

They got extremely creative with these transformations, so it was a lot of fun quadruple-teaming this puzzle.

Here's some photos from my camera.
I've commented on each of them, but I noticed that you can't see the comments if you view it as a slideshow..
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