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Boston NABC results

Adam and I came in 6th in the 0-5000 Blue Ribbon Pairs, having scored sessions of 57%, 54.5%, 55%, and 58.5%. We didn't play perfectly, but were both on our games, and our opponents were kind enough to offer a consistent stream of opportunities. The field was about as strong as a typical regional A/X pairs field, just a rather large one - it started at over 200 pairs!

The next day we beat the Rodwell team in a compact K/O to win... well, to be fair, it was *a* Rodwell team, containing his wife and his brother. They were a lot of fun, but luckily not as good as Eric, who was busy winning his second of three National Championships (the only event he didn't win was the LM pairs with a client, where he came in 2nd).

I still remember Zen and I taking Eric Rodwell for 800 in 3D in the Open Pairs a few years back. At the time, that was a big confidence builder.

Day 4 was the first day of the North American Swiss Teams, when I played my worst bridge of the week, contributing more than my share to our narrow failure to Q for the third or fourth year. Zen and I revived our partnership for one day because it aligned our team with the most experienced partnerships. Our teammates were Adam Parrish from Cincinatti; and Joel Datloff, Dave Brower, and Linda Wiener from Portland.

The next day we did a bracket 3 K/O and lost to an inferior team in the second match. I was happy because it meant we could play the swiss the next day.

Day 6 was the sunday swiss. Joel and I teamed with Zen and Adam P. We managed to place 9th despite spotty play; I think the whole field was tired. We got dominated by Meltzer, though, starting from when we doubled Tor Helness in a making 1H contract when we had 3NT. I think we were too enticed by the idea of sending a star for a number:
X -P-P -P
Partner doubled 1H on AJx. I passed with two small and a prime 15 count, thinking partner had four hearts, and hoped this was a hand where we could make 5NT white but get them for 500 or 800. -180 was like, lose 12. Doubling them with three cards at the 1 level is always a disaster - I've done it twice before, and didn't really need to see it a third time. What I'm not certain of is whether I should ever be passing with 2 dead.

After we both misbid to get up to 5H, and partner went down 4, we reached 7D on this layout:
Axxx KQxxx - Axxx
x A AKJTxxxxx QJ
With a grand hand, I had hope that we could crawl back into a non-blitz. Unfortunately, the diamonds split 3-1 and it was down 1 for a push.

In net, I got a reasonable 40ish MPs in 6 days.
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