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Integrated experiences

I had a very well-integrated day doing my compilers project and homework.  I began by using F#'s fslex.exe and the F# compiler in Visual Studio to build a Mini Java scanner.  I used MSDN from IE to get some string functions in the .NET library.  I zipped and emailed the results to my partner using Windows Live Mail.

Then I did the written homework in Word, embedding two Visio diagrams, of a parse tree and a DFA, and two Excel tables, one of a shift-reduce derivation and one a parser table.  

I referred often to this week's Powerpoint lecture when doing my work.  Tuesday, I used Media Player to view the lecture side-by-side with the Powerpoint deck from home due to poor road conditions, so today I only needed to refer back to the accompanying Powerpoint deck.

All the while, I was using Windows and listening to music with the Zune desktop software.

My experience today was not bug-free; Windows froze.  Happily, Office recovered all my documents I was working on.  The Zune software is buggy, but I didn't happen across any bugs today. 

But ten Microsoft products... and I didn't even think about it until twenty minutes ago.  Sometimes it's worth sitting back and realizing just how well-integrated and enabling all these products are.  While not a line of my own code appears in any of the scenarios I exercised today, I'm still proud to work for the company that made all this happen.
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